Taught by Sensei Stephen Schreiner and Sensei Barb Baran

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At Nu BS Dojo we study the Okinawan Martial Art of Isshin Ryu Karate.  Both instructors hold 3rd Degree Black Belts (Sandons) and have been students for 13 years.  We have taught students of all abilities and ages for the past 8 years.  Both instructors have appeared in Black Belt Magazine Issues June 2003 and November 2003.  The team of Shreiner and  Baran are also  Reiki Master Teachers.  Steve is also currently studying Ti Chi.

Your health is our first concern, self defense is second.  Our goal is to help you have better health and to maintain it. You do not need to get in shape in order to begin training.  Our studies are both technical and creative and students of all ages and abilities are welcome.  Areas of exploration include health, proper mechanics, pressure point work, tuite, self defense, inner healing, energy work and more.

Barb and Steve have participated in the filming of and appear on the covers of several DVDs created by their Sensei Master Chris Thomas.

About our Sensei

Master Chris Thomas is our instructor.  He is a Senior instructor with DKI (Dillman Karate International), and an internationally respected author.  His books include Kyusko Jitsu, Pressure Point Karate, Ryu Kyu Kernpo, Tuite, Humane Self Defense, several instructional DVD’s and many magazine articles.  His seminars are also available in the Illinois and Wisconsin Area.  We would like to thank our Sensei for the quality of the material we teach.

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Groups of 3 or more $10/ session.

Private Lessons are $25/ person

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