Daisy is our resident Queen of Reflexology. This treatment is so much more than a foot massage in many ways. Through the use of a special thumb and finger walking the nerves give information to the brain which releases endorphins to reduce pain in the body. Reflexology also brings the body in balance as well as improving the function of all body systems.

Through the use of reflexology the therapist is also able to determine warning signs of trouble in the body, reduce stress, balance the systems, improve oxygen, and my personal favorite: REDUCES PAIN! This treatment feels SO GOOD!

Daisy is valuable to Blue Violet in so many ways, but I must say, this is my favorite!


Donna is a Reiki Master taught by William Rand in the Usui lineage in 1995. Donna does Crystal Reiki Treatments using the energy of stones, energy of spirit animals, and creates personal moon charts for the day of your treatment.

Donna is also an Interfaith Minister from the Midwest University and Haven Church since 2002 and does wedding and couples counseling.

Donna teaches classes in Lunar Phases and their meaning, and advanced Reiki classes. Donna is an Animal Card Reader and also does all the social media for Blue Violet Body Works. She is semi-retired and worked for Elgin Community College for 30 years. She enjoys power wood carving of bird, fish frogs, turtles etc.

Support Staff:


She is the one that we can turn to in emergencies, computer jobs that need doing that she has never done before, anything from folding brochures to running the office.  She is never afraid to learn something new.

To us here at Blue Violet she is little sister, friend, responsible employee and a very valued member of the family.

She came to us from California and I swear she carries sunshine with her where ever she goes!

Our Independant Contractors:


Krystyna joined our staff at Blue Violet in February 2003. She is a wonderful employee with a great work ethic.

While living in Poland, Krystyna received her associate degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Then she went further with education and in 2002 she graduated with honors from School of Non-Conventional Method of Treatment, where she completed a professional program for Massage Therapists. Her modalities include: Medical, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sport Massage, Soft Tissue Mobilization and Cold Stones Therapy for Migraines and Headaches. But she likes to combine different techniques for the maximum effectiveness. In 2011, after completing Professional and Master Level in Medical Massage, Krystyna received her Medical Massage Practitioner Certification. She is also a Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Therapist.

Krystyna has built a regular, long standing clientele for faithful and satisfied clients. Anyone who has had pleasure of a massage from her knows that touch can heal.

Barb has been the owner of Blue Violet Body Works, Inc. in Elgin, IL since December 2003.  She has also been the nurturer, decorator, business planner, goal setter, teacher and guiding light to all who work for and with her.  She had a dream and a plan and with her own hard work and the help of those she trusted for electrical, plumbing, painting, moving and technological help, they have brought her dreams a long way toward fruition.

Blue Violet started with two small massage rooms on the first floor and the first floor of the Lighthouse.

She purchased a section of the third floor which has four massage rooms as well as all three floors of the Lighthouse.  Each room has a different theme and color scheme and all are created to aid in relaxation.  The ground floor is reserved for those who can’t navigate the stairs.

In 2010 Barb purchased the other half of the 3rd floor, which includes offices to rent, a new reception and office area and a large classroom for C.E. classes for massage therapists as well as other fun and special classes we feel would be of interest to our clients. Blue Violet Body Works, Inc. became a Nationally Certified C.E. provider in 2010.

Barb is very spiritual.  She meditates and studies Eastern Philosophy.  Her massages are so good!  How good are they?  Part intuition and part extensive education goes into each massage.  Her modalities (types of massage) include: Lymphatic, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, Myofacial, Facial Toning, Synergy Swedish, Medical, Sports, Deep Tissue, Fijian, Rain Drop and Pregnancy/Postpartum.  She is also a Master Teacher of Reiki, a Licensed Reflexology Teacher and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  Her newest modality is Chinese Qigong Massage (ask her about it!)

Armed with all of this education Barb believes in the “whatever it takes” method to encourage healing.  She uses her hands, heart and energy.  But she also uses herbs, tinctures, and other healing aids so you can feel better.

Barb is also a student of Isshin Ryu Karate since 1995.  She is now a Sensei (Nidan) Third Degree Black Belt.  She also takes classes in Tia Chi Chuan (for healing), Qigong (breathing), and Hatha Yoga, and continues to study and practice these skills.  She turned to massage as a career after receiving them and seeing the great changes massage makes in the body, as well as the many different ways massage can be used to encourage healing in the body.

Blue Violet Body Works, Inc. has a great leader, teacher, and multifaceted woman at its head.  She listens and learns from her clients so that their massage dollars are spent for the maximum in quality.  She hires people that do the same.  There will never be a point at which Barb will say “there, Blue Violet is perfect, is it finished”.  She will always strive to make this business greater.  That involves growth, for herself and her employees.

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Stacy is a treasured employee here at Blue Violet. Her skills are many and varied. Every modality is done with the same care and attention to detail that defines Stacy. I would recommend a Relaxation Massage that targets specific areas for a little vacation in your day.

She also does a Hot Rock Massage that really does rock out those aches and pains in a big way.
Stacy is also a Certified Reflexologist. This is a modality that takes a serious investment of work, time and money to achieve. Reflexology is a technique that works your entire body through Acupressure points in the hands and feet. This is no sissy foot rub, BUT, if you like your feet rubbed it will knock your socks off.

Another skill of Stacy’s is Face Toning. This is a system that firms and refreshes the face. It makes your smile even more beautiful. Ask us about Face Toning as well as Synergy. Stacy uses the Snergy machine to help tone and remove excess water from the body, making you look sleeker and feel better.

The Raindrop Technique combines the science of Aroma Technique with the techniques of Vita Flex, reflexology, massage, etc., in the application of essential oils, which are applied on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment. It is great for warming the core of the body in the winter time with its relaxing, mild application. It will also help to align and clear the energy centers of the body without using force or excessive pressure. This is also one of Stacys’ many modalities.

As you can see Stacy is a talented and experienced massage therapist with much to offer our clients. Give her a call and let Stacy make your Blue Violet Experience one to remember.


Naz Rosa, LMT

Naz has recently graduated from massage therapy school in December 2012 from Elgin Community College. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Naz comes from a family of medium and energy workers, she always had a passion to help people and has the ability to intvitisely know where help is needed.

Incorporating energy work in her massage is what makes Naz's massages relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Naz will work on clearing any energy blockages which can benefit in an over all release emotionally and physically, leaving her clients in a peaceful state and helping their sore, tight muscles to relax.

If you are looking for a treatment that will help you relax free yourself of negative emotions and help relieve sore muscles, then Naz's massage is definitely what you want try.

Barb Baran


and Owner of Blue Violet Body Works, Inc.